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Create captivating stories with videos, photos, GIFs and music.

#PicPlayPost is the FIRST all in one Video and Photo editing tool
#1 Top Paid App in over 40 countries
Apple’s App of the Week (Nov 2013)


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Join millions around the world by creating and sharing a #PicPlayPost of:

+ Your hidden musical talent (singing #acapella or playing instruments)
+ Funny #Gif video collage
+ A favorite singer, actor and/or superhero!
+ Yoga poses 
+ Workout routines
+ An awesome vacation
+ Your pets
+ Anything you want

#PicPlayPost is equipped with a full set of features:

New in iOS 8 – Slideshow Collages & #PicPlayPostShow

Build beautiful multi-frame collages with Photos and GIFs

  • Play them simultaneously or continuously.
  • Add up to 50 files per slideshow.
  • Users can modify the speed of each individual slideshow.
  • Apply Preset Durations :15 secs for Instagram, :06 for Vine.
  • Scale to fit.

Also Try #PicPlayPostShow
Once this feature is activated, #PicPlayPost will take a single slideshow project and magically create an animation that will spontaneously add creativity and originality to your project.

Features for iOS 7

  • Add up to 6 videos per project. Share even more content with your friends.
  • Video limit increased to 10 mins. Great feature for the Youtube community.
  • Add music to a static image(s). You can send awesome digital birthday or greeting cards.
  • Import GIFs.
  • Trim the segment of the video or song you want to import.
  • Improved user interface. Easily navigate through the customization tools.
  • FAQ section. Many issues you encounter can easily be resolved by reviewing the FAQ.
  • Share your project on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, Email and MMS.
  • Also includes all the standard features below.

Standard Features (iOS 6 & earlier)

  • Add 4 video clips (up to 30 sec each)
  • Mix video audio w/ songs from your iPod library
  • Play videos in sequence or at the same time
  • Add effects to images & and video
  • - 8 image filters effects
    - 7 video filters effects
  • 36 fully adjustable frames
  • Create frames in 1:1, 2:3, 3:2, 4:3, 3:4, 16:9 ratios
  • Placement & adjustments designed and optimized for a small screen
  • Support both portrait and landscape orientation maximizing working screen area
  • Adjust placement w/ easy drag and drop
  • Support free (any angles) rotation of image/video inside frames.
  • Customize background with color or patterns
  • Change border width and add rounded edges
  • High resolution image outputs
  • - 3264×3264 (iPhone 5/4S & iPad 3)
    - 2592×2592 (iPhone 4 & iPad 2)
    - 2048×2048 (iPhone 3GS, iPad 1, iPod Touch)
  • Share your artwork via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Instagram and MMS
  • Runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Adding Motion

Why just share a static photo frame when you can create a unique video experience for your friends, family, and you to enjoy. Pick up to six (6) videos, trim them to size, and then preview your frame at the click of a button. So unleash your creative side and make a unique multi-video of one of those special moments in your life. It’s so easy to do, just see the results for yourself: